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YouTube Enhances Channel Permissions Controls for Improved In-App Management

YouTube has expanded its 'Channel Permissions' feature, allowing approved users to manage a channel within the main YouTube app. This update aims to streamline channel management and boost privacy.

New Updates to YouTube's Channel Permissions Controls

Streamlining your YouTube channel's management process just got easier. Today, YouTube announced enhancements to its 'Channel Permissions' feature, now allowing channel owners to designate selected users to manage their channel directly within the main YouTube app. Previously, this feature was only available through YouTube Studio.

For some time, YouTube has empowered creators to assign managerial roles for their channels, but this was limited to YouTube Studio. With the new update, approved users can now post on behalf of a channel owner within the main YouTube app, available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

As YouTube explains, "Managers, editors, and limited editors can now manage a channel on behalf of a channel owner directly on YouTube, on mobile and desktop, in addition to YouTube Studio." The update unlocks vital new features like creating a Short, adding a post, managing playlists, and commenting on any YouTube video as the owner.

The extended functionality offers channel owners more flexibility in distributing the management responsibilities. Additionally, it provides expanded posting capabilities, potentially enhancing your YouTube strategy.

Importantly, the update also fortifies privacy protections. As YouTube points out, "Channel permissions is excellent from a privacy and safety perspective, as owners and delegates no longer have to share passwords or risk their watch and search history being visible to other users."

Channel permissions can be found in YouTube Studio, under 'Settings' > 'Permissions'. Here, channel owners can invite others to manage their channel or modify existing delegations.

Especially beneficial for music partners, this update allows artists to grant access to their account to labels or management without ceding full control, providing an extra layer of security.

Consider incorporating these updates into your YouTube management strategy for a more streamlined and secure experience.