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YouTube Experiments with Hyperlinked Keywords in Comments for Improved Discovery

YouTube is testing search hyperlinks in comments to boost in-app discovery. By hyperlinking certain keywords, the platform aims to keep user searches in-stream and connect users to related content.


YouTube is launching a new feature that will add search hyperlinks to specific keywords within comments. This experimental feature is designed to improve in-app discovery and keep user searches within the platform, rather than forcing users to search elsewhere for information related to comments.

Currently, if viewers want to learn more about a topic or product mentioned in a comment, they have to navigate away from the video they're watching. By hyperlinking keywords that encourage exploration, YouTube hopes to make this process more seamless. Clicking a hyperlink will initiate a YouTube search for that term, taking users to a search results page while keeping the current video playing in a mini-player.

These hyperlinked keywords are determined by YouTube based on what users are likely to want to explore further. The platform does not allow users to add or modify these hyperlinks in their comments, but video creators can remove them if they wish. Viewers can also opt out of this feature if they prefer not to have their comments hyperlinked.

In addition to this experiment, YouTube is making community posts viewable on tablets and introducing a new metric in YouTube Analytics to show how many users have set reminders for upcoming live-streams or Premieres. The platform is also updating its Channel Memberships functionality, allowing managers to manage Channel Memberships via the Studio mobile app, a feature that was previously only available on desktop. These may seem like small updates compared to the hyperlinks in comments, but they each offer value to YouTube managers in their own way.