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YouTube Introduces YouTube Create, a New App for Editing Videos, Adding Effects, and More

YouTube introduces YouTube Create, a versatile app aimed at facilitating video creation and editing, offering creators a suite of advanced, user-friendly tools.

YouTube Unveils YouTube Create

Today, YouTube announced the debut of a revolutionary app, YouTube Create, designed specifically for creators. This innovative application serves as a comprehensive platform, offering an extensive range of free and user-friendly tools, enabling creators to produce both Shorts and standard videos with ease.

YouTube Create addresses the various challenges creators encounter, such as the editing process and incorporating creative tools like stickers, GIFs, and effects. The company developed this app in consultation with 3,000 creators, incorporating their valuable feedback to design a tool that meets their creative needs.

Creators can leverage YouTube Create to add clips, choose from a myriad of editing tools, preview splits, trim clips, and more. The app houses thousands of stickers, GIFs, and effects. It also offers access to YouTube’s extensive library of royalty-free tracks, allowing creators to pick from countless songs to enhance their videos without copyright concerns.

YouTube Create comes with features allowing the matching of beats of the songs to video clips, maintaining sync, a technique popularized by TikTok. The app also enables audio cleanup to eliminate unwanted background sounds, automatic generation of captions, and a seamless export of the final product to the creator's YouTube channel.

The introduction of a standalone creation app like YouTube Create aligns with the rising popularity of such platforms in the creator community. Despite the plethora of built-in effects on TikTok, many creators prefer using ByteDance’s CapCut app to craft their TikTok videos.

YouTube Create is initiating its beta launch today, available initially for Android users in eight global markets including the U.S., Germany, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore. YouTube plans to continually evolve the app by adding more features and extending its availability to more creators over time.

The introduction of YouTube Create marks YouTube's commitment to enhancing the content creation experience. By offering advanced editing tools, user-friendly interfaces, and creative freedom, YouTube is set to empower creators, fostering innovation and content diversity in the online video landscape.