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YouTube Reveals Current Shorts Trends for Enhanced Content Planning

YouTube's latest video series illuminates current Shorts trends, offering inspiration for creators. Key trends include 'trendjacking', 'Rizz', 'Skibidi Toilet', 'Permission to Flex', and innovative takes on chess.

YouTube Shorts: Harnessing Latest Content Trends for Success

For those looking to get into YouTube Shorts, the platform is here to help. YouTube launched a video series hosted by creator Jade Beason, aimed at highlighting key Shorts trends and providing tips on their application. The third video in the series, released this week, uncovers five rising trends:

  1. 'Popular Media as Muse' – Also known as 'trendjacking' or 'newsjacking', some Shorts creators find success by leveraging trending discussion topics and pop culture trends. YouTube suggests using upcoming movie releases and pop culture events as inspiration.
  2. 'The Rise of Rizz' – 'Rizz', an abbreviation of charisma, is now used to describe someone's potential to attract romantic interest. This participatory content trend has sparked further engagement.
  3. 'Skibidi Toilet' – A peculiar trend based on a character who sings a Biser King song from the toilet. While reflective of Gen Z's love for absurdist humor, this trend is a testament to the power of Shorts in driving new trends.
  4. 'Permission to Flex' – A participatory trend revolving around personality types. Creators share their personality types and explain what it means to them.
  5. 'Chess' – Boosted potentially by Netflix's 'The Queen’s Gambit', chess, particularly new takes on the game, is becoming a popular trend. This showcases how to create new trends by reimagining old ones in fresh settings.

While the value of each trend varies, creators can gain inspiration and ideas from the overview for their YouTube Shorts content. Beason’s insights may not always be directly applicable, but analyzing each trend and considering its relevance to your content can be beneficial.