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YouTube Stories are shutting down June 26 as company focuses on Shorts

YouTube Stories is bowing out as the platform shifts its focus to Shorts, Community posts, and live videos. Get ready to embrace change and new opportunities for engaging content!

YouTube Stories Bids Farewell, Focus Shifts to Shorts.

Wave goodbye to YouTube Stories as it makes a grand exit on June 26, 2023! In an unexpected twist, the Google-owned platform has revealed its strategic decision to draw the curtains on Stories. The focus is now shifting towards more engaging features like YouTube Shorts, Community posts, live videos, and their staple long-form content.

In an era dominated by TikTok's short-form vertical video format, the once-popular Stories have taken a back seat. Virtually every social app once replicated this format, but its appeal has faded with time.

YouTube isn’t the only platform bidding adieu to Stories. Netflix tested a similar feature called "Extras", showcasing videos and images from hit shows. They too embraced the vertical video trend, launching features such as "Fast Laughs", a short-form comedy feed. LinkedIn also deserted its Stories in 2021, and while Spotify did introduce a Stories-like feature for artists' profiles, its overarching redesign leans towards TikTok-inspired discovery feeds.

Introduced in 2018, YouTube Stories were initially made available only to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. Despite promoting it as a tool for engaging audiences with behind-the-scenes glimpses, updates, and sneak peeks, YouTube never extended it to all users. The result? A limited uptake, especially considering the success of Community posts and the recent surge of YouTube Shorts.

The transient nature of YouTube Stories — disappearing after 7 days — and the lack of a feature to save Stories on creators' profiles (like Instagram's Story Highlights) may have played a role in their diminished appeal.

The demise of Stories was admitted by YouTube, pointing out that creators found Community posts garnering significantly more comments and likes. Access to Community posts was recently expanded, dropping the 500 subscriber requirement, which likely contributed to Stories' decreasing popularity.

YouTube Shorts is fast becoming the darling of creators. The company highlighted that creators saw a larger subscriber growth with Shorts than with Stories. The shutdown of Stories signals YouTube’s commitment to bolstering the areas that truly matter to creators.

Creators who frequently use Stories will be informed of the upcoming changes through various channels. YouTube Stories will no longer be a feature from June 26. But worry not! Any Stories already posted will still be accessible for 7 days after their original posting date.