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YouTube Tests AI-Generated Video Summaries in New Experiment

YouTube is testing AI auto-generated video summaries, providing users with quick video overviews. Available for a limited number of English-language videos, this experiment adds to YouTube's AI initiatives.

AI Comes to YouTube with Auto-Generated Video Summaries

YouTube is trialing a new feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically generate video summaries. As mentioned on the platform's support page, these AI-generated summaries have started to appear on watch and search pages, but are only available for a limited number of English-language videos.

These auto-generated summaries provide a concise overview of a video, aiding users in deciding if the video is right for them. However, YouTube makes it clear that these summaries don't replace the video descriptions created by the content creators.

The appearance of these AI-generated summaries remains uncertain as no screenshots of the experiment have been shared. This makes it unclear how viewers will differentiate between a user-created video summary and an AI-written one.

While third-party tools for YouTube video summarization, like,, and Scrivvy, already exist, they reportedly fail to accurately summarize longer videos, according to some YouTube creators.

The success of this AI summary experiment remains to be seen, particularly in terms of its impact on YouTube creators and whether it will assist them in writing their video summaries. It adds to YouTube's list of AI initiatives, such as AI-generated quizzes for educational videos and an AI-powered dubbing tool. Furthermore, Google, YouTube's parent company, recently announced more AI tools, including an AI-assisted note-taking app and AI-generated backgrounds for Google Meet calls.