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YouTube Tests New Comment Filters on Mobile App for Better User Engagement

YouTube is piloting comment filters in its main app, enabling creators to sift through and address varied comments efficiently for better viewer engagement.

YouTube's New Comment Filters on Mobile: Enhancing Viewer Engagement

In a move to augment the engagement between creators and viewers, YouTube is testing comment filtering tools in its primary mobile app. This follows the positive reception of similar tools in YouTube Studio.

The newly unveiled filters, such as "Super Thanks", "Channel Subscribers", and more, present an efficient way for creators to identify and interact with specific categories of comments. An especially notable feature allows content creators to sort comments they haven't addressed, ensuring they don't miss any opportunity to connect with their audience.

Highlighting the new addition, YouTube stated, “We’re testing [these filters] with a small number of creators. If you’re part of this experiment, you’ll see additional filters when watching your own videos in the YouTube main app." It's worth noting that these filters are exclusively visible to video creators, ensuring a consistent viewing experience for the audience.

By enabling creators to interact more meaningfully and promptly with comments, particularly those from paying subscribers, YouTube further solidifies its commitment to creating a dynamic and interactive platform.

With this test currently rolled out to a select group of users, it will be intriguing to see the broader implications and feedback in the near future.