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YouTube Unveils Themed Logo Redesign to Honor GRWM (Get Ready With Me) Creators

YouTube honors the booming GRWM (Get Ready With Me) video genre with a themed logo redesign. The move reflects the genre's astounding 6 billion views in 2023 alone.

"Get Ready With Me" (GRWM) videos—a genre that focuses on make-up and styling tutorials—have become a cultural phenomenon. Generating billions of views on YouTube and other platforms each year, the genre has shown impressive growth.

In 2023 alone, GRWM videos have amassed more than 6 billion views, causing YouTube to temporarily transform its logo to honor the creators who have helped make this genre a trend. As YouTube pointed out, these videos have turned what was once an individual activity into "one that invites communities to come together and share in the process."

To delve deeper into the genre's growth, YouTube has even commissioned creator Bailey Sarian to provide an overview of its history and its global impact. This could serve as a great resource for anyone looking to understand the GRWM trend and perhaps even include it in their marketing and outreach plans.

For brands in the fashion, beauty, or event space, collaborating with GRWM influencers could offer massive exposure and potential partnerships. The genre’s popularity suggests a receptive and engaged audience that is ready to discover new products and trends.

The themed logo redesign by YouTube serves not just as a tribute to GRWM creators but also emphasizes the transformative power of such content in today's digital landscape. It underscores how communities are built around shared experiences—even something as simple as getting ready for the day. Brands should consider leveraging the popularity of the GRWM genre for marketing outreach, given its massive viewer engagement.