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YouTube Updates Policies to Provide More Guidance and Protection Around Eating Disorder Content

In an effort to support at-risk users and promote awareness around eating disorders, YouTube has announced updates to its content policies. This move is seen as a crucial step in providing more guidance around eating disorder videos and restricting access to them for younger audiences.

According to YouTube, the platform has worked alongside experts from the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) and Asociación de Lucha contra la Bulimia y la Anorexia (ALUBA) to develop a comprehensive framework. The goal is to expand the scope of the platform's Community Guidelines and ensure greater protection for its users.

The upcoming changes will include new restrictions on videos that depict disordered eating behaviors and weight-based bullying in the context of eating disorders. Age restrictions will also be implemented on specific content, including videos where creators detail disordered eating behaviors they've engaged in.

To further raise awareness, YouTube has partnered with NEDA to create a series of video clips and expand its crisis resource panels. The platform is also working with medical professionals to develop health product features and ensure that users have access to accurate information.

With over 90% of teens using social media to research health information, it's essential that platforms like YouTube take a more proactive approach to promoting well-being and addressing sensitive topics. By implementing these new policies, YouTube is taking a positive step forward in becoming a more responsible platform that prioritizes its users' mental health.