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YouTube Ventures into Gaming Domain as Well

Explore YouTube's 'Playables' for Premium subscribers, featuring 37 games within the app till March 2024. A move to retain users amidst rising subscription costs.

YouTube Introduces Playable Games for Premium Users: A Unique Platform Perk

YouTube has launched an intriguing feature, 'Playables,' granting Premium subscribers access to a selection of 37 online games accessible directly through the platform's mobile and desktop apps. Initially introduced as an experiment in September, YouTube has expanded this offering, notifying Premium users about the feature's availability for trial.

Users opting in can enjoy a variety of games without the need for downloading or installation. The roster includes familiar titles like Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Solitaire, The Daily Crossword, and several arcade games. However, the availability of these games is set until March 28th, 2024, as per YouTube Premium's recent notification. Interested Premium members can explore the entire library under the "Playables" section within the Explore tab.

This move by YouTube aligns with a trend among non-gaming tech giants venturing into the gaming space. Companies like Google with its discontinued Stadia service and Amazon's restructuring in the gaming division reflect the challenges faced in this sector. TikTok's earlier aspirations in gaming also faced setbacks, with significant layoffs announced recently.

Despite this, other tech firms persist in gaming endeavors. Meta's prolonged Instant Games experiment recently introduced a new distribution model, while Netflix ventures into mobile-exclusive games, contemplating a leap into cloud gaming in the future.

YouTube frequently experiments with features for its Premium subscribers before deciding on permanent additions. Apart from 'Playables,' Premium members can also explore the platform's conversational AI feature, enabling questions about viewed videos.

While YouTube's 'Playables' might not primarily cater to hardcore gamers, they serve as an added incentive for Premium users amidst recent subscription cost hikes. Although not a sole motivator for subscription, these games might influence wavering users to prolong their subscriptions in a competitive streaming market.