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Zivver Taps Context for B2B PR Campaign in the UK and US

Zivver, a leader in secure digital communications, partners with Context for a B2B PR push. The focus? Highlighting Zivver's email security and forthcoming secure signature solution.

Zivver Chooses Context for UK & US PR Campaign

Zivver, a front-runner in secure digital communications, has chosen Context as its partner for a strategic B2B PR campaign targeting both the UK and US markets. This collaboration aims to amplify the profile of Zivver's state-of-the-art email security and file sharing technology.

Context's mandate includes not only promoting Zivver's innovative solutions and valuable partnerships but also establishing its leadership team as the go-to experts in the sector. Jenni Livesley, Context's Director, expressed the company's alignment with Zivver's mission to democratize email security and alleviate the onus on individual employees for safeguarding sensitive data. The partnership's momentum is expected to peak in the coming months, leading up to the launch of Zivver's highly anticipated security solutions, prominently featuring "Zivver Sign."

Data breaches and email-related errors have dominated headlines. A revealing Zivver study shows that 62% of employees concede making email mistakes, making data loss via emails nearly as alarming as malware and phishing threats. This alarming statistic contrasts with the government's findings, which indicate a mere 5% of organizations bolstering email security post a security breach.

Rebecca Jackson from Zivver elucidates the challenge of employee distractions and overloads causing unintentional mistakes, with human errors being the primary culprits for data breaches reported to the ICO. She further emphasized Zivver's commitment to creating a seamless and secure email experience, resulting in reduced data mishaps and enhanced productivity. The collaboration with Context, given its rich cybersecurity clientele history, holds great promise for Zivver's brand elevation.