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Zoom Updates Policies, Clarifying Non-use of Videos for AI Training

Zoom updates its policies, emphasizing its hands-off approach to using videos for AI training. Your content remains exclusively yours!

Zoom Confirms: No AI Training with Your Videos!

In a world where data privacy is paramount, Zoom reassures users with a clear stance: Your videos are off-limits for AI training! Amidst concerns over its terms of service, Zoom has fine-tuned its policies, emphasizing its commitment to user confidentiality.

The spotlight of this revision? An assertive statement: Zoom does not employ your audio, video, chat, or other communication-related content to hone either its AI models or those of third parties.

Recent ambiguities in Zoom's policies had ruffled feathers, making users wonder if the platform held expansive rights over their shared data, potentially using their call content to refine AI functionalities like the meeting summary tool. However, with the refreshed terms, Zoom attempts to clear the fog, drawing a sharp line between “customer content” and “service generated data.”

While the company had made an initial attempt to mollify concerns by highlighting that AI model training wouldn't occur without consent, the latest revision leaves no room for interpretation.

Zoom’s chief product officer, Smita Hashim, took a step further to fortify the company's stand. In an updated blog, she reinstated, "Our customers remain the sole owners and controllers of their content." Zoom's transparency around its data usage for service enhancement—excluding AI model training—is evident.

Given the global anxiety over data usage in AI modeling, it's hoped that more companies will follow Zoom's lead, elucidating their terms in a user-friendly manner.