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Amazon Ads Launches Advanced Features for Enhanced Ad Campaign Control

Amazon Ads announces a range of new tools at the unBoxed conference, bolstering advertisers' capabilities in campaign planning, activation, and measurement for maximized ad performance insights.

Amazon Ads Amplifies its Arsenal with Advanced Measurement Tools

Amazon Ads is upping its game! The tech mammoth introduced a bevy of features at the recent unBoxed conference, promising advertisers a seamless journey from planning to performance review.

For those strategizing their campaigns, Amazon's got you covered with its new strategic campaign planning tool. This nifty feature not only lets you peek at your reach from the past year but also helps in budget allocation for desired outcomes.

Real-time data junkies rejoice! Amazon is amplifying its suite of real-time campaign metrics, ensuring advertisers get the most current performance pulse.

Diving deeper, the Amazon Market Cloud (AMC) Audiences now comes with a cherry on top - a custom lookalike modelling feature. Add to that predictive modelling and customizable KPIs, and you've got a power-packed arsenal at your disposal. Plus, a newly expanded brand metric suite is now in play, letting advertisers keep tabs on customer interactions with their ads.

The top brass at Amazon highlighted the challenges advertisers face, with Amazon DSP vice president, Kelly MacLean, emphasizing the evolving advertising landscape and the need for adaptable tools. “The future of brand-audience interaction is evolving, and we’re here to make the transition smoother,” said MacLean.

Echoing similar sentiments, Paula Despin, Amazon Ads’ VP of measurement, pointed out the intricate customer journeys in today's digital age and underscored Amazon Marketing Cloud's efforts to decode them.

On the heels of this announcement, Amazon also recently joined forces with WPP’s GroupM, paving the way for shoppable content. Looks like Amazon is all set to redefine the advertising frontier!