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YouTube Experimenting with Alternate Color Feeds for Premium Users

Discover YouTube's experimental feature: color-based video feeds. Learn how users can create feeds based on thumbnail colors, sparking debate over its usefulness.

YouTube Tests Color-Based Video Feeds: An Unconventional Experiment

YouTube is shaking things up with a unique experiment: color-based video feeds. According to reports from 9 to 5 Google, some users are now being prompted to "Create a feed of videos based off color," offering an alternative way to browse content based on color choices.

Users involved in the experiment can select from red, green, or blue, with their choice highlighted at the top of the feed display. However, this approach has sparked debate among users and experts alike.

While the concept may seem intriguing, critics question its practicality. The 9 to 5 Google team noted that colors may not necessarily correlate with video content, making it an unconventional way to showcase videos. Some argue that such filters might be more suitable for platforms like YouTube Music.

Despite the skepticism, there could be potential benefits, especially in terms of aesthetics and discovery. Certain users might appreciate visually cohesive feeds, even if they don't directly relate to video content.

Overall, the new option is being tested among selected YouTube Premium users. While its usefulness remains uncertain, it presents an interesting exploration into alternative methods of content curation and discovery on the platform.