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YouTube Confirms Vision Pro App Is 'On the Roadmap'

YouTube embraces Apple's Vision Pro with a new app in the works. Explore the shift in strategy and enhanced user experience on the Vision Pro platform.

YouTube's Vision Pro App Joins the Roadmap, Promising an Enhanced Experience on Apple's Vision Pro

In a surprising turn, YouTube has confirmed the inclusion of a Vision Pro app on its roadmap, promising improved user experience on Apple's Vision Pro. While details remain scarce, this shift follows initial hesitance from major apps, hinting at a potential transformation in YouTube's strategy for the Vision Pro platform.

YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby expressed excitement about the upcoming Vision Pro app, emphasizing YouTube's commitment to ensuring a seamless experience on Safari. Although specific plans are yet to be revealed, the confirmation of a Vision Pro app on the roadmap sparks anticipation for what YouTube may bring to the table.

Previously, major players like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix declined to run their iPad apps on the Vision Pro. However, the sudden inclusion of a Vision Pro app suggests a change in direction, possibly influenced by the popularity of Christian Selig's Juno app for YouTube on the Vision Pro.

While the announcement raises curiosity, the lingering question remains whether the new app will support YouTube's extensive library of 360 and VR videos on the Vision Pro. Apple's response to inquiries about 360 and 3D video support suggests potential challenges, citing content quality and motion discomfort concerns. YouTube's stance on VR and 360 video support for the upcoming app is yet to be clarified.

Additionally, Vision Pro owners are encountering limitations with VR videos due to Safari's current WebXR support constraints. Apple acknowledges the issue and assures ongoing efforts to address WebXR challenges on the Vision Pro, emphasizing contributions to W3C web standards for spatial computing experiences. Despite hurdles, the collaboration between YouTube and Apple on the Vision Pro platform signals an evolving landscape in immersive content consumption.