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LinkedIn to Remove Creator Mode Option

LinkedIn discontinues Creator Mode, emphasizing a shift away from hashtags. Explore the implications for user profiles and content creation strategies.

LinkedIn Phases Out Creator Mode, Shifts Focus Away from Hashtags

LinkedIn is undergoing a significant change as it phases out its Creator Mode feature and shifts its focus away from hashtags. Originally launched in 2021, Creator Mode provided dedicated tools for users to establish their presence on the platform, including associating topical hashtags with their profile and showcasing featured content.

However, LinkedIn has decided to remove the optional Creator Mode setting, as shared by LinkedIn expert Xavier Degraux. Profile hashtags and the ability to switch on Creator Mode will soon be removed from user settings. Despite this change, certain Creator Mode elements, such as the "Follow" button and profile structure adjustments, will remain available to all users.

According to LinkedIn, this move aims to make the best Creator Mode tools accessible to all members, streamlining the profile layout and enhancing creation options. The platform's broader shift away from hashtags reflects a strategy focused on leveraging topics and keywords within posts for content discovery, supported by advanced AI algorithms.

While Creator Mode had initially aimed to spotlight prominent influencers and encourage ongoing activity, LinkedIn's decision to discontinue it suggests a reevaluation of its approach to fostering a creative community. Instead, the platform seeks to empower all users with enhanced creation tools, potentially activating more creators across the platform.

As LinkedIn evolves its content creation and discovery strategies, users may need to review and update their profiles accordingly to align with the platform's latest changes.