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Amazon Introduces Innovative Generative AI Tool for Enhancing Product Images in Advertising

Amazon debuts a generative AI tool, enabling advertisers to generate dynamic backgrounds for product images, heralding a revolution in e-commerce visuals.

Amazon's AI-powered Image Enhancement for Advertisers

Amazon is at the forefront once again, unveiling a generative AI tool that empowers advertisers to create backgrounds tailored to product descriptions and selected themes. Though in beta testing with a select group of advertisers, Amazon anticipates broader accessibility in the foreseeable future.

Using the tool is straightforward:

  1. Upload a product image.
  2. Type in the desired background description.
  3. Select a theme.
  4. Click "Generate."
  5. Refine the image using another text description if necessary.
  6. Test and optimize multiple image versions.

A showcased example includes a toaster placed against a fall-themed kitchen table, complete with autumnal leaves and a pumpkin. While promising, the tool isn't flawless; an out-of-place fork makes an appearance in the sample image. However, the generated setting remains largely authentic and compelling.

Generative AI is garnering traction among brands for its potential to streamline ad creation, typically a costly and lengthy affair. Industry giants, including Nestle and Unilever, have been cited using AI software like ChatGPT and DALL-E.

Colleen Aubrey, Amazon Ads' Senior Vice President of Products and Technology, underscored the company's commitment to simplifying advertising for brands. She stated, "Our goal is to reduce friction for our advertisers, equip them with impactful tools, minimize effort, and elevate the advertising experience for our users."

With this innovation, Amazon aspires to uplift ad performance for brands. Moving beyond monotonous white backgrounds, the tool enables advertisers to position products in engaging contexts, thereby narrating a captivating story. Amazon projects that this enhancement might surge click-through rates by an impressive 40%.

Amazon's endeavors in generative AI have been increasingly evident. Apart from this initiative, the company has recently launched a tool aiding sellers in crafting product descriptions and another to summarize customer feedback.

In summary, Amazon's generative AI tool promises a vibrant future for e-commerce visuals, potentially revolutionizing product advertisements.