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Amazon Silences Amp, Its Live Radio Application

After 18 months of live radio vibes, Amazon's Amp goes silent. Delve into the roller-coaster journey of live audio apps post-pandemic.

Amp's Last Beat: Amazon Silences its Live Radio Venture

In a world saturated with live audio experiences, Amazon's Amp, a competitor to Clubhouse, has stopped playing its tune. After just 18 months of letting users spin tracks and be their own DJs, the curtain falls on this live radio venture.

Amazon's digital music maestro, Steve Boom, shared the company's introspection behind this decision in an internal memo. As Bloomberg reported, it was a calculated move, aligning with Amazon's future vision and investments.

Despite its debut in March 2022, Amp struggled to climb the popularity charts. A mere 700,000 monthly active users by July? TechCrunch revealed this number, though Amazon begs to differ, labeling such metrics as "off-beat". A more harmonious note by highlighted Amp's lifetime downloads at a commendable 1.3 million.

However, not all was rosy. With Amazon trimming Amp's ensemble by half amid company-wide layoffs and a disappointing user conversion rate, the app missed several beats.

Amp's opening act was stellar. Collaborations with musical maestros like Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, and Lindsey Stirling; dynamic personalities like Tefi Pessoa; and iconic radio voices including Zach Sang. Adding more sparkle, Amazon earmarked "millions" for a creator fund in September 2022.

Yet, the post-pandemic era changed the tune. Live audio apps lost their rhythm. Giants like Meta and Spotify pivoted away from real-time audio, with Reddit silencing its Reddit Talk in March. Even Clubhouse, the trailblazing titan, is remixing its offerings to keep the audience hooked.

But Amp's melody might echo in Amazon Music. As Bloomberg suggests, the platform could harness Amp's insights to craft immersive fan interactions.

In this symphony of live audio platforms, while some continue to play, others, like Amp, find their final rest. But every end is a new beginning, and who knows where Amazon's next beat will drop?