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Amazon Unveils Passwordless Passkeys for iOS & Web

Amazon elevates its login experience with passwordless passkeys on its iOS app and web platform. The hassle of passwords is getting a modern makeover!

Amazon's Passwordless Passkeys: Secure & Simplified Login

In a bid to modernize user login experiences, Amazon has rolled out passkey support for its iOS shopping app and website platform. Shoppers can now swiftly access their accounts using device biometrics, completely bypassing the conventional password-entry or two-factor authentication (2FA) steps via email or text.

While Amazon flirted with the idea of passkeys on its web interface earlier, it required users to engage with 2FA codes, and mobile app integration was absent. But now, the retail giant is gearing up for a full-scale implementation. Curious about hopping on the passkey bandwagon? It's simple. On, navigate to your account settings, find "Login & Security", and opt for the “Set up” option next to “passkey.” For those with the iOS app, it's under Your Account > Login and Security > Set Up For Passkeys.

Android enthusiasts, fret not! Amazon has assured that passkey support for your preferred platform is in the pipeline, terming it as "coming soon."

The move by Amazon echoes a broader industry trend. Numerous enterprises are leaning towards passkey features to streamline user logins while enhancing security. Nevertheless, passwords aren't obsolete just yet. Many companies still utilize them, so our transition to a fully password-free digital realm remains a futuristic vision.

As we inch closer to this tech evolution, it's exhilarating to witness titans like Amazon pave the way.