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AYDO and peaq Form Alliance to Drive Web3 Integration in IoT Ecosystems

Discover the game-changing collaboration between AYDO and peaq, reshaping the IoT landscape. Web3 integration brings enhanced privacy and connectivity to smart homes in the thriving global market.

AYDO and peaq Join Forces to Transform IoT: Web3 Integration Set to Redefine Smart Home Experiences

Recent research by DBMR foresees the global smart home market surpassing $680 million, fueled by the rising demand for connected devices integrated into daily lives. Despite this growth, concerns surrounding privacy and safety in Web2-enabled smart homes have surfaced.

In response, peaq and AYDO have unveiled a collaborative effort to expand the peaq ecosystem, introducing blockchain to real-world applications. AYDO plays a pivotal role by connecting smart IoT devices with Web3, offering a decentralized alternative to centralized IoT management platforms.

AYDO's innovative platform bridges IoT to Web3, facilitating seamless interactions between IoT devices from various vendors. Described as a "Web3 alternative," AYDO aims to enhance IoT networking, particularly for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs).

The proposed platform envisions smart devices in smart homes, like lights and sensors, exchanging data and sending it to supported blockchains. Leveraging the ZigBee protocol, it supports over 3,000 devices, simplifying the setup and control of smart home environments.

Oleksandr Markin, CEO of AYDO, emphasizes user control over IoT data. Integration with peaq's privacy-first Web3 platform is anticipated to provide a powerful tool for DePINs, meeting evolving customer needs in the booming IoT sector.

Peaq co-founder Till Wendler envisions a substantial boost for DePINs through this integration, connecting millions of devices and adding significant value to the IoT ecosystem. As the smart home market grows, the AYDO and peaq partnership seeks to revolutionize IoT ecosystems, addressing privacy concerns and enhancing versatility through decentralized solutions.