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Elevating Dubai's Gaming Landscape: WEMADE and DIFC Innovation Hub Form Strategic Web3 Partnership

Joining forces with WEMADE, Dubai accelerates its gaming aspirations with the 'WEMIX PLAY Center.' A $100 million fund amplifies Web3 innovation, setting the stage for global gaming prominence.

Dubai Accelerates as a Global Gaming Hub: WEMADE and DIFC Join Forces in Web3 Revolution

In a groundbreaking alliance, WEMADE, a South Korean gaming powerhouse, and the esteemed DIFC Innovation Hub have unveiled a strategic partnership aimed at catapulting Dubai into the global gaming limelight. This collaboration takes center stage in Dubai's ambitious 'Dubai Program for Gaming 2033,' marking a significant stride in establishing the 'WEMIX PLAY Center' as a global Web3 gaming hub.

The DIFC Innovation Hub, recognized as a technology and innovation hub in the MEASA region, embraces WEMADE as the first South Korean gaming company in its accelerator programs, leveraging its supportive regulatory frameworks. This partnership underscores WEMADE's dedication to enriching Dubai's gaming ecosystem and propelling the city towards becoming one of the top 10 global gaming hubs.

At the core of this collaboration is the establishment of the 'WEMIX PLAY Center' within the DIFC Innovation Hub, dedicated to onboarding Web3 game companies. A substantial $100 million investment fund, spearheaded by WEMADE, will play a pivotal role in providing financial support and resources for the growth of Web3 game developers associated with the center.

The collaboration seeks to expand the WEMIX ecosystem, fostering connections with the thriving Web3 gaming community. WEMADE's native game platform, WEMIX PLAY, already hosts over 65 games from third-party developers. The investment fund, anchored by WEMADE, aims to support the growth of Web3 game developers associated with the 'WEMIX PLAY Center.'

Henry Chang, CEO of WEMADE, highlights the strategic importance of this collaboration in Dubai, emphasizing the nation's dynamic innovation landscape. He commits to fostering Dubai's evolution into a global Web3 gaming hub, providing an enriched environment for developers and studios to leverage Dubai's unique advantages for the global distribution of their games.

Mohammad AlBlooshi, CEO of DIFC Innovation Hub, expresses excitement about welcoming WEMADE to the vibrant ecosystem at the hub. He stresses the collaboration's significance in strengthening Dubai's position as a global innovation hub and nurturing the next generation of gaming industry talent. AlBlooshi underscores the potential impact on Dubai's digital ecosystem, contributing to economic diversification efforts and boosting employment in the gaming sector, aligning with the goals outlined in the 'Dubai Program for Gaming 2033.'

As part of the partnership, WEMADE and DIFC Innovation Hub plan to organize a Web3 event in Dubai during the first quarter of 2024. This event will serve as a platform to showcase the advancements in Web3 gaming and further solidify Dubai's status as a hub for innovation in the gaming industry.

In conclusion, the collaboration between WEMADE and DIFC Innovation Hub marks a crucial milestone in Dubai's journey towards becoming a global gaming powerhouse. With the establishment of the 'WEMIX PLAY Center' and the groundbreaking investment fund, the partnership is set to drive significant advancements in Web3 gaming, fostering innovation, talent, and economic growth in the region.