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Google Appears to Develop a Premium 'Advanced' Version of Bard Requiring Payment

Discover Google's Bard Advanced upgrades, including AI-powered features and Gemini Ultra. Reshaping AI language models for advanced capabilities.

Google's Bard Advanced: Unveiling Upgrades and AI-Powered Features

Google appears to be gearing up for a game-changing upgrade to Bard with "Bard Advanced," as hinted by developer Dylan Roussel on social media.

Powered by Gemini Ultra, Google's top-tier large language model (LLM), Bard Advanced promises a substantial leap from the current midtier Gemini Pro. Developer insights suggest it boasts advanced math and reasoning skills, revolutionizing its capabilities.

Roussel's discoveries shed light on potential features, such as "Motoko," a tool allowing users to craft custom bots. Speculation looms regarding sharing possibilities and access modes, reminiscent of OpenAI's GPT Plus custom bot sharing feature.

Further enhancements include a rumored "power up" function leveraging AI to enhance prompts fed to Bard. Screenshots also tease a "Gallery" section, hinting at an exploration avenue for diverse topics with Bard. Additional tweaks include a "tasks" tab, potentially aiding in tracking Bard's ongoing lengthier tasks like image generation, alongside the ability to add custom backgrounds to shared Bard prompts.

While the official rollout remains unknown, Google hasn't confirmed these features. Nevertheless, past Bard upgrades, such as real-time query responses and YouTube video inquiries, underline Google's pursuit to match competitors like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.

Google's Bard Advanced teases a promising future, reshaping the landscape of AI language models with anticipated upgrades and transformative features.