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Instagram Empowers Users with the Ability to Create Custom Stickers from Still Image Posts

Discover Instagram's innovative 'Create a cutout sticker' feature! Transform still image elements into unique stickers for Stories and Reels. Explore creative opportunities while navigating some usage limitations.

Unleash Your Creativity: Instagram Introduces Cutout Stickers for Stories and Reels

Instagram users rejoice as the platform unveils a dynamic addition to its creative toolbox - the 'Create a cutout sticker' feature. Accessible through the three dots menu on publicly posted still image posts, this tool allows users to isolate elements and repurpose them as stickers for Stories and Reels.

Similar to Meta's image cutout option on WhatsApp, this new feature offers a myriad of creative possibilities. However, users should be aware of some constraints. With video content dominating feeds, finding still image posts may require a bit of scrolling. Additionally, the creator must have posted publicly and enabled permissions for others to create cutouts from their content.

Creating a sticker from someone else's post comes with a caveat - if the original post is deleted, your sticker goes with it. Despite these limitations, the potential for sparking creativity is substantial. The move echoes trends seen on platforms like Pinterest's Shuffles app, where users craft collages in a similar fashion.

As users explore this new feature, it remains to be seen if custom stickers become a trend, offering yet another dimension to Instagram updates. Brace yourselves for a wave of innovative visual storytelling within the app!