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LABEL Foundation's Web3 App Revolutionizes Music Streaming, Integrates Seamlessly with LG Smart TVs

Discover the future of music streaming as Tracks by LABEL Foundation makes history, debuting on LG Smart TVs. A Web3 experience, redefining accessibility and user-centricity.

Tracks by LABEL Foundation Revolutionizes Music Streaming: Debuts on LG Smart TVs

In a trailblazing move, LABEL Foundation's Web3 music streaming decentralized application, Tracks, has rewritten the narrative by making its first appearance on LG Smart TVs, compatible with webOS versions 22 and 23. This historic milestone positions Tracks as the pioneer of Web3 music applications on the LG smart TV platform, ushering in a transformative era for music streaming.

What sets Tracks apart is its unwavering commitment to a user-centric approach in design and functionality. Unlike traditional music streaming services, Tracks prioritizes delivering value to its users. Operating seamlessly on the BNB Chain, the app has experienced exceptional growth since its July launch, boasting over 150,000 users and maintaining a daily active user base of 10,000, predominantly composed of millennials.

Tracks is not just redefining user experience; it's also revolutionizing revenue models. Embracing the emerging trend of Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST), Tracks positions itself as a key player in both Web3 and traditional Web2 music services, ensuring sustainable growth and innovation.

The strategic collaboration with LG is a game-changer for Tracks, expanding its reach and engagement across diverse devices. This partnership breaks the shackles of premium streaming services, democratizing global access to music. Tracks, now available on the latest LG Smart TV models at no extra cost, emphasizes its dedication to delivering an enriching and highly accessible music streaming experience.

This visionary initiative, supported by LABEL Foundation, aligns with the evolving digital landscape, leveraging Web3 technology and forming strategic partnerships. As Tracks continues to grow, it remains committed to its mission of making high-quality music accessible to everyone, everywhere, reshaping the music streaming experience for the digital age.