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LinkedIn Introduces 'Top Choice' Job Application Feature to Enhance Candidate Visibility

LinkedIn adds a "Top Choice" feature for Premium subscribers, ensuring users' applications are highlighted and recognized by recruiters.

LinkedIn’s "Top Choice" Boosts Job Applications!

LinkedIn, the professional networking giant, is always evolving. While it's been an excellent platform for content creators, it hasn’t forgotten its primary mission: helping its massive user base propel their careers forward.

Realizing that the digital space is only a part of our professional journeys, LinkedIn wants to bridge the gap between online profiles and real-world job opportunities. Enter the “Top Choice” feature, a new feather in LinkedIn's cap, designed to help applicants stand out.

This new feature, available to all LinkedIn Premium users, allows members to highlight three roles per month as their “Top Choice”. This is more than just a digital stamp; it’s a signal to recruiters that the applicant is deeply interested in the role. How does it work? Simple! When applying, Premium users can tick the “Top Choice job” box, and voilà! Their application gets adorned with a nifty green badge in the Recruiter platform.

But it’s not just about badges. LinkedIn states, “This unique feature benefits both job seekers and hirers. It provides deeper intent signals, showing recruiters applicants who are truly passionate. Plus, applicants can further strengthen their chances by adding an elevator pitch.”

The initial results seem promising. Over the past four months of testing with a select group of Premium users, those who utilized the “Top Choice” tag were 43% more likely to get a response from recruiters.

But there’s a slight catch. With only three “Top Choice” tags available per month, it could inadvertently signal to other potential employers that they aren’t your priority. As this feature becomes more widespread, this could be a challenge.

Yet, in its current phase, with solid results, this feature may well be worth a try.

LinkedIn is not just about staying active online; it’s about translating online engagement into real-world opportunities. And with features like "Top Choice", it's clear that LinkedIn is doubling down on its commitment to its users' professional growth. Go on, give it a whirl and let LinkedIn be the bridge to your next big career leap!