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Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Shopping Tools to Bing and Edge

Microsoft has unveiled a set of new AI-driven shopping tools for Bing and Edge. Features include AI-generated buying guides, review summaries, and a Price Match tool.

Today, Microsoft revealed an array of new AI-driven shopping tools for Bing and Edge, marking a significant update for its search engine and browser. While some past shopping features incorporated into Edge haven't been universally popular, this latest toolkit shows promise.

Leveraging the AI capabilities of Bing's GPT, Microsoft will now automatically create buying guides in response to certain queries like "college supplies." This function will automatically collate products in each related category, display their specifications for comparison, and direct you to purchase points. Microsoft benefits by receiving an affiliate fee upon purchase.


This move could potentially disrupt websites dedicated to creating buying guides, leading to interesting responses and potential ripple effects in the industry (including likely emulation by Google and other competitors). While it may spell the end for low-quality, SEO-optimized shopping content that clutters product comparisons, it could also impact high-quality editorial operations.

These new buying guides in Bing are already accessible in the U.S., and a global rollout for Edge is beginning today.

Another feature launched worldwide by Microsoft is AI-generated review summaries. This tool simplifies online product reviews. Users can request Bing Chat in Edge to summarize feedback on a specific product, and the feature will produce a brief overview.

The Price Match tool is also new, designed to assist users in requesting a price match from a retailer, even after a price reduction. Microsoft has partnered with major U.S. retailers who already have price match policies, with plans to expand this collaboration over time.