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Microsoft Introduces Bing Chat Enterprise: AI-Powered Chatbot for Businesses

Microsoft takes a step towards enhancing corporate communication with Bing Chat Enterprise. The AI-chatbot promises a secure, efficient, and creative communication experience.

Bing Chat Enterprise: Microsoft’s Secure AI-Chatbot Solution

Get ready, enterprises! Microsoft is bringing Bing Chat, its AI-powered chatbot, right to your doorsteps. The tech giant introduced Bing Chat Enterprise at its annual Inspire conference, catering to the specific needs of business communication with a strong emphasis on data privacy and governance.

Bing Chat Enterprise is not just another chatbot; it's designed to safeguard the sensitive data of your business. It assures that no chat data is saved, Microsoft doesn’t access a customer's employee or business data, and most importantly, customer data isn't utilized to train the AI models underlying the service.


Microsoft's Chief Communications Officer, Frank X. Shaw, voiced the concerns of corporations in a blog post, stating, "Businesses are enthusiastic about integrating advanced AI tools but hold back fearing inadequate data protection. Bing Chat Enterprise ensures what goes in and comes out stays secure, thereby providing commercial customers with managed access to efficient answers and fostering creativity."

With recent instances of companies restricting the use of chatbots over data privacy issues, Microsoft's move to address this concern with Bing Chat Enterprise is a significant stride. It will help businesses harness AI's potential while maintaining data privacy.

Bing Chat Enterprise mirrors Bing Chat in terms of functionality, responding to queries with text, graphs, charts, and images. An upcoming feature, Visual Search, will allow the chatbot to answer questions about uploaded images and look for related content on the web.

Free for subscribers of specific Microsoft 365 packages, Bing Chat Enterprise will soon also be available as a standalone service at $5 per user per month. This tool is all set to revolutionize corporate communication, ensuring data privacy while promoting efficiency and creativity.

Get set to embrace the future of communication with Bing Chat Enterprise!