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OKX Expands Layer 2 Testnet Integrations to Elevate Web3 Experience

Discover OKX's strides in Web3 innovation with integrations of key projects and Manta Network's layer-2 privacy protocol. Enhancing security, scalability, and privacy features for users in the decentralized financial ecosystem.

OKX Expands Web3 Ecosystem with Integration of Leading Projects and Manta Network's Privacy Protocol

In a recent breakthrough, OKX propels its Web3 ecosystem forward by successfully integrating AlienSwap, VIP3, Automata Network, dForce, Rune X, and Nabox into its Layer 2 testnet. This collaboration offers users a diverse range of features and services within the controlled testnet environment, contributing to the dynamic Web3 community.

Since its inception in November 2023, OKX's Layer 2 testnet has welcomed over 170 projects, fostering innovation and collaboration. Leveraging ZK proofs, the network prioritizes security and scalability while minimizing transaction costs, providing seamless compatibility with Ethereum and supporting the deployment of EVM-based DApps. It ensures connectivity with various smart contracts, wallets, and tools, amplifying the exposure of users and developers to global blockchain ecosystems.

In a parallel development, OKX announces the integration of Manta Network, an innovative layer-2 privacy protocol, into its offerings. This integration empowers OKX DEX users with advanced privacy features for on-chain swaps and cross-chain transactions, free from high gas fees and congestion on the Ethereum mainnet. Manta Network's zkSNARK cryptography enables private DeFi transactions, emphasizing OKX's commitment to a secure and private decentralized financial ecosystem.

The addition of Manta Network enhances OKX DEX capabilities, allowing users to engage in private decentralized finance activities seamlessly. OKX continues its support for promising blockchain projects, contributing to the broader adoption of DeFi and Web3. These integrations underscore OKX's dedication to enhancing user experience and fostering innovation within the decentralized financial landscape.