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Saga and MARBLEX Establish Strategic Partnership to Advance Web3 Gaming

Saga, a top Layer-1 protocol, collaborates with MARBLEX to enhance web3 gaming scalability. The partnership focuses on technological integration and global market expansion through Saga's extensive ecosystem.

Saga Announces Strategic Partnership with MARBLEX to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

Saga, a prominent Layer-1 protocol in web3, has announced a strategic partnership with MARBLEX, a gaming-focused blockchain by Netmarble Corp. This collaboration aims to provide MARBLEX with Saga's technological capabilities, including the revolutionary Chainlets, to address the scalability needs of web3 games. The partnership goes beyond technology integration, focusing on bringing web3 games to global markets through Saga's and MARBLEX's respective channels.

Saga’s Technology Enabling Flexibility and Scale for Web3 Games:
Saga's technology, featuring its revolutionary Chainlets, offers web3 games the flexibility and scale required to establish a robust infrastructure across multiple chains. This facilitates the seamless connection of in-game assets and game instance management throughout the entire ecosystem. Saga’s capabilities focus on delivering near-infinite elastic scalability to games, enhancing the user experience through feeless transactions, and enabling support for the most high-intensity games on the chain.

Expanding MARBLEX’s Reach in the Asian Mobile Games Market:
As part of the partnership, Saga will leverage its User Acquisition capabilities to support MARBLEX in bringing games to market, capitalizing on MARBLEX’s extensive go-to-market capabilities. This alliance is expected to solidify Saga’s presence in the Asian mobile games market, which is projected to surpass $65 billion in 2024, according to Statista. Additionally, Saga’s widespread ecosystem across Europe, the Americas, and Asia is anticipated to accelerate MARBLEX’s global user base.

Rebecca Liao, Co-founder and CEO of Saga:
Expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting MARBLEX’s credibility and influence in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. The partnership is seen as an opportunity to enhance MARBLEX’s resources and experiences by leveraging the Saga ecosystem.

MARBLEX’s Three-Pronged Approach to Web3 Gaming Adoption:
MARBLEX has identified three key areas of focus to expedite the adoption of web3 gaming. These include a multi-chain strategy, a commitment to securing content with a focus on AAA games, and proactive marketing efforts targeting global gamers. Hong Jin-Pyo, CEO of MARBLEX, acknowledged Saga’s dedication to enabling the next generation of gaming, emphasizing Saga’s understanding of the developer needs essential for bridging the gap between traditional and web3 gaming.

Saga’s Leading Role as a Layer-1 Protocol:
As a leading Layer-1 protocol, Saga serves as an innovative solutions platform that seamlessly brings web3 games to market. The technology is meticulously designed to cater to developer needs and ensure abundant and easily accessible blockspace. With its mainnet launch scheduled for Spring 2024, Saga boasts 320 Innovator projects building on its protocol, with 80% dedicated to games. Additionally, Saga has established partnerships with flagship web3 projects such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Celestia, positioning itself as a frontrunner in web3 development.