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Samsung Reveals Samsung Gauss as an Alternative to ChatGPT, Capable of Generating Text, Code, and Images

Samsung enters the world of generative AI with Samsung Gauss, offering language understanding, code development assistance, and image generation.

Samsung Unveils Samsung Gauss: A Powerful Generative AI Model

Just days after OpenAI's developer event made waves, Samsung made a grand entrance into the world of generative AI. At the Samsung AI Forum 2023, the tech giant introduced Samsung Gauss, a remarkable generative AI model developed by its research unit, Samsung Research. This groundbreaking model consists of three powerful tools, each designed to enhance and simplify various aspects of our daily lives.

Samsung Gauss Language is a robust language model that rivals the capabilities of ChatGPT. It can comprehend human language and answer questions, and its applications are as diverse as they are practical. Whether you need assistance in writing and editing emails, summarizing lengthy documents, or translating languages, Samsung Gauss Language is at your service. Samsung plans to seamlessly integrate this language model into their devices, such as phones, laptops, and tablets, to make their smart devices even smarter. While the spokesperson did not confirm whether it supports both English and Korean, the potential is promising.

Samsung Gauss Code, in collaboration with its code assistant code.i, zeroes in on the world of development code. This tool aims to help developers write code more efficiently, supporting tasks like code description and test case generation through an interactive interface.

Samsung Gauss Image, as the name implies, ventures into the realm of image generation and editing. It has the potential to transform low-resolution images into high-resolution masterpieces.

Currently, Samsung Gauss is exclusively available for internal use by the company's staff, but the tech giant has exciting plans to make it accessible to the general public "in the near future." Although the timeline remains undisclosed, Samsung enthusiasts can anticipate the release of the Galaxy S24 based on this Generative AI model as early as 2024, according to local reports.

In a proactive move to ensure safety and privacy in the AI realm, Samsung has established an AI Red Team. This team is dedicated to monitoring security and privacy concerns, covering data collection, AI development, and more, aligning with the principles of AI ethics.

Daehyun Kim, Executive Vice President of the Samsung Research Global AI Center, expressed their commitment to supporting and collaborating with the industry and academia in generative AI research.

Interestingly, Samsung Gauss derives its name from the renowned mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, whose pioneering theory, the normal distribution, serves as the cornerstone of AI and machine learning.

This launch comes seven months after Samsung temporarily banned generative AI tools on its company-owned devices, following an internal data leak. Samsung is now taking a bold step into the future of AI with Samsung Gauss, promising a brighter, more efficient world of technology and innovation.