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Snapchat+ Subscribers Gain Ability to Create and Share AI-Generated Images

Discover Snapchat's latest for Snapchat+ users! AI-generated images, Dream selfie with friends, and an AI extend tool enhance the creative experience.

Snapchat Unveils AI-Powered Features for Snapchat+ Subscribers

Snapchat is rolling out a set of new AI-powered features exclusively for Snapchat+ subscribers, announced on Tuesday. The highlight includes the ability to create and send AI-generated images based on text prompts. Additionally, subscribers gain access to the new AI extend tool and the app's Dream selfie feature, now accessible for group experiences with friends.

For users with Snapchat+, accessing the AI image generator is a breeze. Simply tap the "AI" button on the right side of the screen. From there, a menu of prompts like "a planet made of cheese" or "a sunny beach day" awaits, or you can craft your own, such as "a dog napping on a rocket." After selecting or inputting a prompt, the app springs into action, generating your image. Once completed, editing, downloading, and sharing options become available.

Snapchat+ subscribers, who were previously able to create AI images for bitmoji backgrounds and chat wallpapers, can now share AI-generated images directly with friends.

While Snapchat didn't disclose the specific model powering this feature, they highlighted partnerships with various foundational models, enhancing the AI's capabilities.

Moreover, the Dream selfie feature, leveraging Snapchat's generative AI, now extends its magic to group scenarios. Users can create AI selfies and pair them with friends in whimsical scenes. With one free pack of eight Dreams per month for Snapchat+ subscribers, the app invites playful creativity in sharing these images.

A brand-new AI-powered extend tool caters to users who need a broader view of their images. For instance, if a photo of your dog zoomed in too closely, this tool automatically fills in the background, providing a zoomed-out version using AI assistance.

These updates are currently rolling out, although availability may differ regionally. Snapchat's move to bolster AI capabilities aligns with existing features like AI-generated images from the My AI chatbot and the AI Dream feature, providing users with a wealth of creative options.

Snapchat+ subscription, priced at $3.99 USD per month, has seen impressive growth, boasting over 7 million subscribers. November marked a significant milestone, surpassing $20 million in net revenue after app store fees, showcasing steady growth in subscription revenue across multiple countries where Snapchat+ is available.