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Taisu Ventures and TreeHacks Join Forces to Foster Web3 Innovation

Join the web3 revolution! Taisu Ventures partners with TreeHacks for a hackathon, fostering blockchain tech exploration and innovation in a 36-hour hacking extravaganza.

Taisu Ventures Ignites Web3 Innovation: Co-Hosts 36-Hour Hackathon with TreeHacks at Stanford University

Taisu Ventures is at the forefront of driving blockchain innovation, spearheading a web3 track in collaboration with TreeHacks at Stanford University. As a chain-agnostic web3-focused Venture Capital fund, Taisu Ventures is leveraging its expertise to inspire participants in diverse web3 verticals like DeFi, gaming, and user platforms during the 36-hour hackathon from February 16th to 18th.

This collaboration aims to push the boundaries of web3 technology. Taisu Ventures, known for its support of entrepreneurs shaping the future through blockchain, co-hosts the hackathon, offering engaging workshops, enlightening panel discussions, and coveted prizes to fuel innovation and creativity.

About Taisu Ventures, a venture capital firm dedicated to nurturing the future of blockchain technologies, primarily invests in early-stage startups across various blockchains. Their team, comprising web3 experts in business, engineering, and finance, passionately supports portfolio companies at every business stage, fostering global connections across Asia, the US, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Taisu Ventures is actively engaged in upcoming events, including sponsorship of the Unchained Business Forum with UCLA Anderson on February 2nd and co-hosting the Web3/AI Summit with TEAMZ in Tokyo on April 13-14, paving the way for collaborative opportunities in the blockchain sphere.

TreeHacks, Stanford University's landmark student-led hackathon, gears up for its 10th-anniversary edition, expecting record participation from over 1500 engineering students worldwide. With an intense 36-hour hacking experience, TreeHacks offers a platform to transform ideas into reality, witnessed by last year's impressive statistics, distributing $165,000 in prizes among 300 final projects.

This year's overwhelming response with over 10,000 applications signals elevated standards and global enthusiasm within the hackathon community, showcasing the growing significance of events like TreeHacks.

Taisu Ventures' collaboration with TreeHacks underscores its commitment to driving web3 innovation. As it forges global partnerships, Taisu Ventures stands tall as a catalyst for nurturing and expanding the blockchain ecosystem.