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Threads Update: Users Can Now Hide Both Like and Share Counts

Unlock stress-free sharing on Threads! The latest update lets you hide Like and Share counts, fostering a more positive in-app environment. Tailor your experience under 'Settings/Privacy'.

Threads Update: New Feature Lets You Hide Like and Share Counts for a Stress-Free Sharing Experience!

In a notable update, Threads introduces a feature that transforms the sharing experience by allowing users to hide both Like and Share counts on their posts. Shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, this new capability offers a level of control not seen before, as users can now choose to conceal engagement metrics at the post level. Previously, only Like counts could be hidden in isolation.

This customization extends to individual updates, granting users the flexibility to decide whether to display or hide engagement counts on a per-post basis. Moreover, the default setting for all posts can be adjusted in the app's "Settings" or "Privacy" section. It's important to note that choosing the default setting will also apply to Instagram posts.

The move aligns with Instagram's ongoing efforts to create a more positive in-app environment by reducing the emphasis on public engagement metrics. The ability to hide like counts was initially tested in 2019, later rolled out to all users in 2021, and is now extended to Threads.

This subtle yet significant shift reflects Threads' commitment to offering users a stress-free sharing experience. By allowing individuals to curate their engagement visibility, Threads aims to alleviate the pressure associated with public sharing, making it a valuable tool for those seeking a more private and personalized social experience. Embrace this update and take control of your Threads journey!