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TikTok Offers Insights: Incorporating Humor into Your Brand Marketing – Tips and Tricks

Discover TikTok's research insights urging brands to embrace humor for enhanced engagement. With six trillion views on #funny and #comedy, humor resonates with users, boosting purchase intent. TikTok recommends collaboration with creators and shares tips for successful comedic campaigns.

TikTok Urges Brands to Embrace Humor for Increased Engagement: Insights and Recommendations

TikTok is advocating for brands to infuse more humor into their content, citing research insights that highlight the effectiveness of comedic approaches in boosting engagement and purchase intent on the platform.

According to TikTok:

  • Videos under #funny and #comedy hashtags have amassed an impressive six trillion views on the platform.
  • Approximately 30% of TikTok users identified humor in creator content as a key motivator for purchase intent.
  • "Funny" is the top video category that viewers want to see from creators on TikTok.
  • Seven in ten viewers find "making people laugh" the most enjoyable aspect of watching TikTok ads.

With these findings, TikTok recommends that brands explore more light-hearted and comedic strategies in their in-app campaigns. The platform suggests collaborating with established creators, emphasizing that they understand TikTok comedy better than anyone else. TikTok encourages brands to engage with creators through its Creator Marketplace, aligning them more closely with the platform.

For brands opting to go solo, TikTok recommends thorough research by delving into app trends to understand what resonates with the audience. Additionally, TikTok offers three key tips for brands diving into comedic content:

  1. Know your memes: Memes can serve as creative inspiration and signal to viewers that a brand is in tune with the fun on TikTok.
  2. Remixing a trend: TikTok notes that trend remixing has led to a 14% uplift in view time for ads, on average.
  3. Play with style: TikTok encourages creative risks, highlighting that qualities considered avant-garde, such as surrealism and informal content, are essential to TikTok humor.

While humor comes with a level of risk, TikTok emphasizes the importance of research and understanding what works on the platform. With humor being a key driver of TikTok engagement, brands that successfully integrate comedy into their campaigns stand to reap significant rewards. As TikTok continues to evolve, incorporating humor into your marketing strategy is a noteworthy consideration for the year ahead.