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Elon Musk's X Corp to Use Public Data for AI Training

Elon Musk's X Corp updates its privacy policy to indicate that it will use publicly available user data for AI training. Is this tied to Musk's broader AI ambitions?


Elon Musk's X Corp has ruffled feathers once again. An update to its privacy policy not only mentions the collection of biometric, job, and educational data but also indicates plans to use this publicly available information for machine learning and AI models.

The specific change in X Corp's policy states:

"We may use the information we collect and publicly available information to help train our machine learning or artificial intelligence models for the purposes outlined in this policy."

Ivanovs suspects that Musk, who plans to launch another company, xAI, in the AI market, intends to use X Corp as a data source for xAI. This comes after Musk's public urging for more media coverage of X, possibly to gather more data for AI training.

Musk has previously accused companies like Microsoft of illegally using Twitter data for AI training. He also filed a suit against unidentified entities for scraping Twitter data, possibly to protect his future AI endeavors.

In response to inquiries, Musk clarified that only public data will be used in AI training, without tapping into Direct Messages (DMs) or private communications.

Gone are the days of X Corp responding to press inquiries with a poop emoji. The company has adopted a more traditional communication approach, sending an auto-responder that promises to get back "soon."

The updated privacy policy from X Corp prompts new questions about Musk’s broader AI strategy and the ethical considerations tied to it. Given Musk's ambitious plans, this policy update could be the tip of the iceberg.