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Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs Reveal Participants of Groundbreaking Web3 Music Accelerator

Dive into the future of music with Mith and Muus Collective, the inaugural startups in Warner Music Group's web3 accelerator, redefining fan engagement and blending fashion and gaming.

Revolutionizing Music: Meet the Trailblazing Startups in Warner Music Group's Web3 Accelerator!

In an exciting collaboration, Warner Music Group (WMG) and Polygon Labs united forces last year to launch a revolutionary web3 music accelerator, aiming to spark innovation in the music industry. Today, we unveil the first two startups chosen to embark on this groundbreaking journey.

Meet Mith, the superfan-centric startup with Jack Harlow as its inaugural client. Mith is all about community building, offering rewards, commerce, and membership subscriptions to elevate the fan experience. Meanwhile, Muus Collective delves into fashion-focused games and experiences, set to launch a captivating fashion game in the second quarter of this year. With digital collectibles and rewards, and Paris Hilton as an advisor, Muus Collective promises a unique blend of style and entertainment.

With more than 120 applications flooding in, WMG and Polygon Labs are overwhelmed by the entrepreneurial community's enthusiasm for leveraging web3 technologies in the music industry.

Warner Music Group has consistently embraced web3 technologies, investing in startups like DressX and even launching a virtual world game featuring Notorious B.I.G. within The Sandbox.

Mith's superfan-focused approach, emphasizing community building, rewards, commerce, and membership subscriptions, is set to redefine fan engagement in the music industry.

Muus Collective blends fashion and gaming, with a slated launch of a fashion game in the second quarter, integrating digital collectibles and rewards. Paris Hilton’s advisory role adds industry expertise to the venture.

With Mith and Muus Collective leading the way, Warner Music Group's web3 music accelerator marks a pivotal moment in music, embracing blockchain technology and reshaping fan engagement. These startups showcase the evolving landscape of the music industry in the web3 era, promising further collaborations and advancements at the intersection of music, technology, and entrepreneurship.