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X Launches New Feature Restricting Post Replies to Verified Accounts Only

X, once known as Twitter, unveils a control that restricts post replies to only verified accounts. Elon Musk believes it’s a step forward against spam bots.

X’s New Feature: Replies Only From Verified Users

In the ever-evolving world of social media, X (previously known as Twitter) makes waves with its latest feature: the ability to limit replies only to verified accounts. Notably, this control isn’t exclusively for the premium patrons; even regular users can benefit from it, preventing non-verified accounts from replying to their posts.

The tech mogul Elon Musk promptly chimed in on the update, suggesting that such a feature would be instrumental in combatting the age-old issue of spam bots. It's worth recalling that back in 2020, Twitter had originally launched a feature allowing users to restrict replies to accounts they followed or mentioned, with an added caveat that this decision had to be made pre-tweet. As of 2021, this functionality expanded, granting users the flexibility to adjust reply settings post-publishing. Yet, irrespective of the reply settings, users retain the ability to quote posts.

X, in its commitment to enhancing the user experience, has already been emphasizing the importance of verified accounts by ranking them higher in searches and conversations – a perk exclusively for subscribed users. This latest move to limit replies, therefore, can be perceived as a nod to its premium clientele, elevating their visibility and prominence on the platform.

Elon Musk may have optimistic expectations about curbing spam, but verification doesn't equate to authenticity. As evidenced recently, verified accounts have been implicated in disseminating misinformation, such as the alleged financial aid by U.S. President Joe Biden to Israel, as reported by NBC News.

As X forges ahead with its new features and controls, the true test will be its efficacy in maintaining platform integrity, balancing user engagement with quality content moderation.