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Zetrix Joins Forces with Web3Labs and Summer Capital to Empower Hong Kong's Web3 Ecosystem

Zetrix partners with Web3Labs and Summer Capital to revolutionize Hong Kong's Web3 ecosystem. Explore their strategic collaboration, accelerating blockchain innovation and fostering startups for a vibrant future.

Zetrix, Web3Labs, and Summer Capital Join Forces for a Game-Changing Web3 Future in Hong Kong

In a strategic move to advance Hong Kong’s Web3 initiatives, Zetrix, MyEG Services Bhd's blockchain platform, is forging a powerful alliance with Web3Labs Hong Kong and venture capital firm Summer Capital. The collaboration aims to position Zetrix as the premier blockchain infrastructure for government-aligned applications, aligning with Hong Kong’s Fintech Promotion Roadmap.

Web3Labs Hong Kong, a key player in Web3 development, brings its expansive network to the table – over 500 partners in the Web3 ecosystem. Summer Capital, renowned for venture capital expertise, aims to catalyze Hong Kong’s financial systems, exploring innovative blockchain use cases.

The collaboration outlines key objectives, focusing on enhancing Zetrix as the preferred Layer-1 platform for government and enterprise Web3 development. Additionally, a dedicated Global Accelerator Program is set to launch, incubating startups on the Zetrix platform.

This Global Accelerator Program aims to provide comprehensive support, including mentorship, technical assistance, and access to funding opportunities. Zetrix considers a strategic investment in Web3Labs, aligning with Hong Kong’s Virtual Assets regulations, showcasing commitment to global Web3 startups.

Co-founder Wong Thean Soon expresses enthusiasm, highlighting the collaboration's potential value to Zetrix. Web3Labs CEO Caspar Wong emphasizes strategic alignment and shared commitment to impactful Web3 solutions. Summer Capital’s Head of Fintech and Blockchain, Henry Chen, envisions building an enterprise-grade blockchain ecosystem in Hong Kong.

In conclusion, this transformative partnership between Zetrix, Web3Labs, and Summer Capital signals a new era for Hong Kong’s Web3 future. With a focus on infrastructure, startup incubation, and strategic investments, the collaboration aims to position Hong Kong as a hub for Web3 innovation and development. As it unfolds, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the blockchain landscape in the region.