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Apple Releases Remote Diagnostic Tool Amid Expansion of Self-Service Repair Program

Take control of your device's repair! Apple unveils self-service repair expansion and diagnostic tools, granting iPhone 15 and M2 MacBook users detailed insights for fixing issues, elevating user repair capabilities.

Apple Empowers Users with Self-Service Repair Expansion and Diagnostics Tool!

Apple has unveiled an extensive expansion of its self-service repair program, empowering users of iPhone 15 and newer M2-powered MacBooks to take matters into their own hands. A standout release accompanying this expansion is the "Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair," a tool aimed at assisting self-repairers in testing their devices for optimal functionality and identifying parts that may need attention.

This web-based diagnostics tool, presently available in the US, offers a comprehensive approach detailed on Apple's support page. The troubleshooting journey begins by activating diagnostics mode on the device in question, inputting its serial number into another device, and following Apple's guided steps to assess and troubleshoot the faulty device. From hardware and software version checks to identifying display anomalies, camera, Face ID, and audio issues, the available tests offer an extensive diagnostic overview.

It's important to note that these diagnostic tools are designed for users possessing the knowledge and expertise to undertake Apple device repairs. Nevertheless, they grant users access to the same testing capabilities as Apple's authorized service providers and those affiliated with Apple's Independent Repair Provider initiative.

In tandem with this tool's release, Apple has broadened its self-service repair coverage, now encompassing more iPhones and Macs, specifically newer M2-based models. Initially limited to the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, this program now spans a wider range of M2-powered devices, including the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Studio.

Expanding its reach further, the self-service repair program now extends to an additional 24 European countries, broadening accessibility across regions like Croatia, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland. Apple reports that the program is now accessible in 33 countries across 24 languages, catering to repair needs for 35 of its products. While "Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair" is currently exclusive to the US, plans are underway to extend its availability to Europe in the coming year.