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X Opens Vertical Video Feed Ads to All Advertisers for Wider Reach

Engage with X's Vertical Video Ads! With 100 million daily users embracing vertical video, X becomes a video-first platform, offering a sound-on, full-screen ad experience globally.

X Expands Global Access to Vertical Video Ads Amid Surging Daily Engagement

X takes a significant leap in video advertising, expanding access to its Vertical Video Ads globally. With 100 million users daily engaging in vertical video, X positions itself as a video-first platform. Advertisers can now leverage this engaging full-screen, sound-on ad experience, making it a valuable addition to X's ever-growing video surface.

As X claims to be evolving into a video-first experience, video now constitutes over 80% of user sessions, with a 35% year-over-year growth in video views. The decision to open Vertical Video Ads to all advertisers globally is fueled by the format's impressive engagement rates. Users are reportedly 7 times more likely to interact with an ad in vertical video compared to the Home Timeline, with early adopters experiencing 14% lower CPMs on average.

X's move aligns with the increasing trend of video consumption on the platform, where vertical video accounts for over 20% of total usage. The expansion offers advertisers a promising opportunity to captivate audiences with a highly engaging ad format.

While X's claim to be a "video-first" platform without opening to a video feed raises questions, the success of Vertical Video Ads suggests a strong user preference for immersive video experiences. Advertisers in the U.S. can now launch vertical video ad campaigns, tapping into the potential of this dynamic and visually compelling advertising format.