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X Introduces Topic Tags to Groups for Enhanced Discovery Experience

Explore the power of X Communities! Admins can now add up to 10 search tags, amplifying group visibility in-app. Dive into enhanced discovery for your community discussions.

Supercharge Your X Community Visibility: A Guide to Utilizing Search Tags for Enhanced Discovery

X has introduced an exciting feature to enhance the visibility of its Communities element. Now, community admins can effortlessly boost their groups by adding topic tags, ensuring they stand out in related in-app searches.

In a recent update shared by X engineer Dong Wook Chung, community admins can find a new “Search Tags” element within their group settings. Here, they can add up to 10 tags, tailoring them to their community’s theme. While the options are versatile, strategically targeting relevant tags ensures your community reaches the right audience.

These chosen tags play a crucial role in how X highlights your community in related search queries. Although there's no clear formula for the exact discovery boost, adding tags unquestionably makes an impact.

Chung emphasizes the importance of updating search tags, stating, "Adding the right search tags will be a significant factor in search results and will make your community appear for other queries where it wouldn’t have before." While tags are influential, they are not the sole factor determining search visibility. Other aspects, such as the community's name, description, post count, and moderators, also contribute to its search rank.

Elon Musk's focus on Communities as a key element in app development is yielding results. With over 350,000 communities and 650,000 daily community posts, X is becoming a thriving hub for topic and interest-related discussions. For community admins, incorporating tags is a valuable strategy to further enhance discovery and engagement within the app.