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DoubleVerify Expands Assurance Partnership With Meta

Elevate ad confidence on Meta! DoubleVerify's expanded partnership guarantees brand safety for Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels, ensuring campaigns are delivered as expected.

Enhanced Brand Safety on Meta: DoubleVerify's Expanded Partnership Ensures Advertiser Confidence

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital advertising, DoubleVerify has taken a significant step to empower advertisers with an additional layer of assurance. Extending its partnership with the social media giant, DoubleVerify is now set to provide robust brand safety and suitability coverage for ad placements on Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels.

Global advertisers can now independently verify campaign quality, safeguarding their brand equity within these dynamic, user-generated media environments. DoubleVerify's commitment to brand safety and suitability solutions on Meta ensures comprehensive measurement across various devices, placements, and formats.

Amid growing concerns about brand safety, campaign performance, and reach, platforms like DoubleVerify offer a vital reassurance for ad partners. With its AI-powered classification technology, DoubleVerify monitors ad content performance, allowing marketers to track specific elements of their campaign placement and avoid unwanted associations.

While Meta provides brand safety control options like block lists and topic exclusions, DoubleVerify acts as an additional layer of assurance, ensuring adherence to chosen parameters. It not only holds Meta accountable but also identifies potential issues in your ad setup, maximizing your brand safety measures.

In essence, it's a valuable tool to enhance brand safety, providing advertisers with confidence and security in their advertising approach on Meta's diverse platforms.