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X Explores Experimental Options for Sorting Post Replies

Explore X's latest feature! Reply sorting options tested include time, engagement, and 'Trending.' Boost engagement and empower creators with insights into post responses.

X Tests New Reply Sorting Options: Time, Engagement, and Trending

X is in the midst of testing an innovative feature that allows users to sort post replies by time, engagement, or a new category called "Trending." This enhancement aims to simplify the process of finding the most recent or interesting responses to any post within the app.

The new sorting options, as shared by X News Daily, provide users with additional ways to view replies, potentially making it easier to discover engaging and timely responses. The focus on replies has intensified due to X's Creator Ad Revenue Share program, where verified creators receive a percentage of ad income for promotions displayed within the replies to their posts.

With the growing importance of driving replies as a posting strategy, X's decision to introduce diverse sorting methods aligns with the goal of helping creators understand what triggers responses. This update not only benefits creators but also enhances the overall user experience by allowing individuals to stay updated on conversations with the "Recent" sorting option.

While the specifics of how "Trending" will be defined are yet unclear, it could involve responses from high-profile users or replies that have generated the most engagement. This addition offers users and creators alike another dimension to consider for boosting engagement and gaining insights into the factors that prompt users to share their thoughts on the platform.