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Google Continues Layoffs, With 'Hundreds' Affected in Sales Team Restructuring

In a bid for efficiency, Google trims its ad sales team, impacting a few hundred roles globally. A strategic move towards customer solutions emerges.

Google Streamlines Ad Sales Team in Global Restructure

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech giants, Google has announced further organizational changes, following the recent layoff of 1,000 employees. The focus now shifts to its advertising sales team, with a confirmation from Google spokesperson Chris Pappas that "a few hundred roles globally are being eliminated."

This development aligns with a memo obtained from Google's senior vice president, Philipp Schindler, who hinted at a strategic shift affecting the Large Customer Sales (LCS) unit, primarily responsible for catering to large businesses. The Google Customer Solutions team (GCS), focusing on smaller clients, is poised to become the "core" ad sales team.

Pappas clarified, "Every year we go through a rigorous process to structure our team to provide the best service to our Ads customers." He added that impacted employees would have the opportunity to apply for open roles within Google.

This move resonates with an earlier prediction that Google's ad sales group, with around 30,000 personnel, would likely face adjustments. Google's broader restructuring has already impacted various divisions, including Pixel, Fitbit, Nest products, engineering, and Google Assistant teams.

While Google hasn't disclosed the total number of layoffs this year, these recent changes, affecting "a few hundred" roles in each impacted division, bring the total well above 1,000. The tech giant continues to adapt its workforce to meet evolving market demands.