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Instagram Threads Update: Search Now Supports 'All Languages'

Discover Threads' global keyword search expansion, nearing EU launch, with updates catering to nearly 100 million monthly users.

Threads Expands Keyword Search Feature Globally: Nears EU Launch Amid User-Centric Updates

Threads, the competitor to Instagram's Twitter alternative, has expanded its keyword search feature globally, enhancing its utility for nearly 100 million monthly users worldwide. Adam Mosseri, Instagram's head, confirmed the expansion, noting that keyword search will now be available in all languages, marking a significant step toward a more globally inclusive app experience.

This move follows the recent reports suggesting Threads' imminent launch in the EU, potentially introducing a view-only mode allowing users to peruse posts without creating an account. Providing search capabilities in multiple languages aligns with Threads' strategy to cater to diverse linguistic preferences, benefiting not only the EU but also the app's presence across 100 countries beyond the U.S.

The Threads team has actively responded to user feedback, implementing various features like a chronological following feed, web app integration, likes viewing, polls, GIFs, hashtag support sans the hash, an edit button, profile switching, and more since its launch. The company has also committed to rolling out a developer API and plans to integrate with ActivityPub, a decentralized social networking protocol powering platforms like Mastodon.

Despite its ongoing enhancements, Threads has yet to adopt a central feature—Trending Topics. Instead, the app seems to aim for a less real-time approach, with an algorithmic feed often displaying older posts. Differentiating itself from news-centric platforms, Threads avoids amplifying news content, as highlighted by Mosseri, which draws former users from other platforms to Threads, potentially shaping its future direction.

Mosseri hinted at further search improvements in the pipeline, but for now, Threads blocks terms like "long covid," redirecting users to the CDC's website for updated information.

While Threads currently boasts nearly 100 million monthly users, it trails behind Instagram's competitor, X, owned by Elon Musk, with almost 550 million monthly active users as of September. However, Threads' limited market availability compared to X restricts its growth potential. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains optimistic about Threads' prospects, foreseeing it as Meta's next billion-user app in the years ahead.