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iOS 17.3 Released with New Stolen Device Protection Feature for iPhone

Boost iPhone security with iOS 17.3! Stolen Device Protection adds biometric checks for sensitive actions. Enjoy collaborative playlists and TV streaming in select hotels with Apple's latest update.

iOS 17.3 Unveils Stolen Device Protection: Enhanced Security for Your iPhone

iOS 17.3 introduces a groundbreaking security feature, Stolen Device Protection, aimed at thwarting thieves from gaining access to sensitive iCloud and account information. Instead of relying solely on passcodes, the update requires fingerprint or Face ID authentication for actions like viewing passwords or applying for an Apple Card.

The new Security Delay feature adds an extra layer of protection for critical actions, such as changing Apple ID passwords or iPhone passcodes. Users must go through Face ID or Touch ID, an hour waiting period, and additional biometric authentication to ensure secure processes. This authentication is activated when users are away from familiar locations, enhancing security measures.

To activate Stolen Device Protection, navigate to the Settings app, select Face ID & Passcode, enter your device passcode, and toggle the feature on. Apple emphasizes the additional security layer to protect users' information, especially in situations where thieves attempt to exploit lock screen passcodes.

In addition to security enhancements, iOS 17.3 brings collaborative playlists to the Apple Music app, allowing friends to join and contribute to playlists. The update also introduces the capability to stream content to TVs in select hotels, enhancing the overall user experience.

As part of Apple's commitment to user safety, updates for iOS 9, 15, and 16 devices have also been released, potentially containing crucial security fixes. iOS 17.3 stands as a significant leap forward in bolstering iPhone security while adding exciting features to enrich the user's digital experience.