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Meta Set to Launch Threads in the EU Next Month

Get ready for Threads' EU release! Meta's Twitter-alternative app ensures compliance with EU rules, providing choice for user engagement.

Meta Set to Launch Threads in EU: Twitter-Alternative App to Reach Millions!

Meta, the company behind Threads, is gearing up for an exciting launch of its Twitter-alternative app in the European Union, expected to unfold this December. This much-anticipated expansion will grant access to millions more users across the EU, positioning Threads to captivate a wider audience.

Initially withheld from the EU market due to evolving privacy regulations, Meta is now confident in Threads' compliance with the region's Data Services Act (DSA). The forthcoming release will grant EU users the option to access Threads solely for consumption without creating a profile that allows them to post.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Meta is set to offer a data opt-out feature, aligning with EU regulations. Users will have the choice to either utilize Threads solely for content consumption or create a full-fledged profile, engaging with the app akin to any other user.

Recent updates within the app's back-end code, including "Threads EU Launch" tags discovered by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, hint at the imminent EU release. Meta's urgency to expand Threads aligns with its desire to seize the app's growth momentum, especially as users increasingly seek real-time feed alternatives amid shifts away from Elon Musk's X project.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, revealed last month that Threads had reached a user milestone of 100 million. Concurrently, divisive commentary from Musk has led influential X users toward other platforms, inadvertently contributing to Threads' growth trajectory.

As the holiday season approaches, a time when social app engagement typically escalates, Meta aims to strategically position Threads for wider user outreach.

While an official announcement is yet to be made, Meta's proactive stance indicates an imminent move to introduce Threads to the EU market, aligning with the platform's trajectory of growth and expanding user engagement.