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Microsoft Tests Windows 11 with Built-in Solution for Improving Meeting Audio Quality

Discover Microsoft's groundbreaking Voice Clarity feature now available on all Windows PCs. Unleashing AI to filter out background noise, it transforms video meetings and PC game voice chats for a seamless and immersive experience.

Microsoft Empowers All Windows PCs with Voice Clarity: Enhancing Meetings and Gaming Experience

In a significant update, Microsoft has rolled out a new Canary test build for Windows, democratizing its exclusive Voice Clarity feature from Surface devices to all Windows machines, including those powered by ARM CPUs. Utilizing "low complexity AI models," the feature real-time filters out background noise, echo, and reverberation.

Primarily designed to enhance virtual meetings on platforms like Zoom or Teams, Voice Clarity addresses the common struggle of deciphering presentations amid distracting echoes or reverberations. The AI-driven feature is set to make virtual collaboration less insufferable by ensuring crystal-clear communication.

Microsoft emphasizes that Voice Clarity isn't limited to meetings alone; PC gamers can also benefit from the feature during voice chat sessions. By leveraging AI to suppress unwanted background noise, the gaming experience becomes more immersive and enjoyable.

Beyond Voice Clarity, the test build introduces convenient features, including immediate access to photos and screenshots from connected Android devices. Additionally, users can experience a revamped Windows setup procedure with a cleaner and more modern design. The update also brings a notable 80Gbps enhancement to USB4, further improving data transfer speeds on compatible devices.

Microsoft's commitment to expanding accessibility and refining user experiences is evident in these updates, promising a more streamlined and enjoyable interaction with Windows PCs for both work and leisure.