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Samsung Galaxy Phones Set to Function as PC Webcams for Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration

Exciting updates! Samsung Galaxy phones become PC webcams, Copilot integrates with Microsoft for enhanced text management and more. Big steps in collaboration!

Microsoft-Samsung Duo Unveils New Features: Copilot Integration and Smartphone Camera as Webcam

In a continuation of their partnership, Microsoft and Samsung announce new features set to revolutionize collaboration in 2024. During Samsung's CES keynote, the tech giants revealed plans for Copilot integration and the innovative ability to transform a Galaxy smartphone camera into a PC webcam.

Jonathan Gabrio, head of the connected experience center at Samsung, shared insights into the upcoming features. Users can expect the utilization of Galaxy smartphone cameras to enhance meeting experiences on services like Microsoft Teams. This includes leveraging the exceptional clarity and resolution of Galaxy smartphone cameras for video calls, incorporating features like background blur and auto-framing. The webcam support extends to both front and rear-facing cameras.

While similar webcam support was introduced in a recent Android 14 update by Google, reports suggest occasional detection issues on Windows devices, posing a challenge for some Pixel owners.

Furthermore, Samsung's partnership with Microsoft extends to Copilot integration across Android and Windows-based devices. The upcoming Galaxy Book 4 series and Galaxy smartphones will experience the benefits of Copilot from March. By connecting devices with Link to Windows, users can seamlessly access, read, or summarize text messages. Additionally, Copilot will facilitate automatic message draft creation based on past usage and enable message sending directly from a PC.

Gabrio hinted at upcoming expansions of Copilot features for Galaxy devices, promising more functionalities in the pipeline.

Notably, Samsung joins other PC manufacturers integrating Microsoft's Copilot key into their laptop keyboards. The upcoming Galaxy Book 4 series in the US will feature the Copilot key, following the footsteps of Dell, Lenovo, and other manufacturers introducing laptops equipped with this key.

The collaborative efforts between Microsoft and Samsung signal a significant stride in enabling enhanced collaboration and streamlined experiences across devices, setting the stage for a more connected and productive future.