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Pinterest Boosts Conversion with Mobile Deeplinking for Retailers

Pinterest steps up its eCommerce game, adding mobile deeplinking to direct users from Pins to retailers' apps, enhancing the shopping journey.

Pinterest’s New Mobile Deeplinking: Direct Shopping Pathway

Pinterest is revamping the way users shop by introducing a novel feature – mobile deeplinking! It's about to make online shopping easier and more streamlined for its users and beneficial for brands.

In an impressive move, Pinterest is enabling deeplinking from Pins, a feature that would guide users back to a specific page on the associated retailer’s mobile app. With the intent to simplify the shopping journey for users, this step also provides retailers with an efficient method to harness the potential of Pinners in a shopping state of mind.

As Pinterest elucidates, "Retailers can now employ mobile deep links to direct Pinterest users to a certain page on their mobile app. This functionality takes users to their desired products in fewer steps and clicks, following an ad click on the platform. The ultimate goal is to streamline the user journey and provide incremental benefits to a retailer's shopping campaign.”

Pinterest’s deeplinks will feature prominently in shopping ads. A click on the link will prompt the product listing to open in the retailer's app on the user's device, given they have it installed. In cases where the user hasn't installed the retailer’s app, they are guided to the mobile webpage within the Pinterest app.

This user-friendly journey presented by mobile deep links simplifies the purchasing process by eliminating extra steps, thereby increasing conversion rates for advertisers and retailers.

This new feature is set to maximize Pinterest's potential as a direct traffic generator, enhancing conversion within your app. While Pinterest continues to offer its own Product Pins and other shopping options to stimulate in-app purchasing activity, the deeplinking feature adds another layer of value by directing customers straight to the retailer's website, making it a worthwhile tool for driving customer traffic.

Get ready to experience a seamless, hassle-free shopping journey on Pinterest!